Studying at the Last Minute

It is January 25. Final exams are approaching for most high school students and the stress for them is rising.

I get a lot of last minute tutoring requests around this time of year, which I always think is a shame because if students had just come to me a few weeks (or months) earlier, I could have helped so much more.

At the last minute, though, there are still some things that can be done. Even if you only have time to learn one or two concepts well and have to sort of, well, fake your way through the rest of it, that is MUCH better than not studying at all.

I was not always the amazingly together guru that you see before you today (insert laughter here)… there were some exams in university that I crammed for literally hours ahead of the exam.

Careful study, even if it is done at the last minute, can still bring your grades up significantly.

(Let me add that it is always preferable to study gradually as you go along during the term and to get a tutor early – contact me at Victoria Tutoring and I will be happy to help you!)


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